Cory R. Cole, of Brielle, Gives Us His Best Surfing Tips for Beginners

Cory R. Cole, of Brielle, says the surfing community is extremely welcoming to newbies

reWhen you’re just starting out, surfing can feel a little overwhelming. You envisioned you, the sky, the waves, and the water… but now it’s time to get started and your sea legs are wobbly. Luckily, says Cory R. Cole, of Brielle, the surfing community is extremely welcoming to newbies and people are almost always willing to answer questions, hand out tips, and generally talk shop.

Cole has gathered some of his favorite tips that helped him when he was just starting out. So read on, and remember--when you fall off your board (which you will...a lot), just climb back up there and chase the next wave!

Wax Your Board Advises Cory R Cole

It’s already difficult to keep your balance as a beginner. The water from the waves and the motion of the ocean seem to conspire to keep you off-balance and salt water-logged. Waxing your board gives the surface texture for your feet to grip onto. This makes it much easier to keep your balance and stay on the board!  

Even a quick swipe of wax can make a tremendous difference in your surfing form. Just make sure you’re using a good quality wax, says Cory R. Cole, of Brielle. Ask around in your local shop and they’ll help you pick a good one. Make sure you buy enough! The bumps and texture come from build-up. You’ll likely need at least a whole bar of wax. For a longboard, you may need up to three!

Use the Leash

We know we know… it doesn’t feel cool to wear the leash around your ankle. But spend a few precious hours of surfing time chasing around your board after you fall off, and Cory R. Cole, of Brielle, guarantees that you’ll wish you had worn it.

The leash helps keep your board near you and--even more importantly--it keeps your runaway board from hitting and injuring other surfers and swimmers. It also protects your investment. You spent so much time and money picking out the perfect surfboard… don’t let it just float away!

To wear your leash correctly, attach it to your back foot and make sure the rope is pointing outward. You want it pointing away from your ankle or you’ll get tangled up a fall before you can say “surf’s up”!  

Turtles Before Ducks

Especially if you have a bigger board, duck diving isn’t your best bet for getting past breaking waves. Turtle rolls work much better until you have better board control, says Cory R. Cole, of Brielle. To turtle-roll, grab the rails of your board and flip! Once you’re under the board, the whitewater will just pass over you and the board.

Alternatively, you can also stand on the board and let the water pass between you and the board. Once you level up and start using a smaller board, give duck diving a try!

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