Cory Cole Discusses the Benefits of Playing Soccer

Soccer can also have tremendous benefits for your physical and mental health, says Cory Cole.

Soccer is one of the most popular and widely played sports in the world. Along with being endlessly entertaining for spectators and players alike, soccer can also have tremendous benefits for your physical and mental health, says Cory Cole

Soccer Improves Your Cardiovascular Health Says, Cory Cole

While goals and strategy are obviously the points of the game, soccer is, at its core, a game of running. In fact, says Cory Cole, the average soccer player who runs five to seven miles per game. This keeps the heart rate elevated and the blood pumping, which means it is excellent cardiovascular exercise. 

Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart, helps deter plaque build up in the arteries, reduces blood pressure, and burns calories. It also helps increase your lung capacity and blood oxygenation.

Soccer Strengthens Your Muscles

Running, kicking the ball, jumping, twisting, and turning--all the actions associated with soccer strengthen the lower body and provide a strong foundation for muscle development. And despite often being called “football” in other countries, you do need to use your upper body as well to block, throw-in, and shield the ball. So soccer is really a full-body workout, says Cory Cole.

Soccer Improves Your Coordination 

There are so many hairpin-turns and split-second decisions in soccer that it really trains your coordination, says Cory Cole. Your body builds muscle memory and coordination by completing complex movements like dribbling or suddenly turning and passing the ball in the opposite direction. 

The more often you perform these movements, the more information is shared between the synapses in your brain, building a bridge to communicate with your muscles more quickly. Over time, these movements become almost instantaneous, which is coordination. This is also why professional athletes seem to have much faster reflexes than the average player--it’s because they have spent so much extra time building those connections.

Playing Soccer Promotes Teamwork and Reduces Anxiety

Although soccer is good for you physically, it’s also excellent for your mental and social health, says Cory Cole. When you play soccer, no matter how good you are, you’re playing as a part of a team. Playing on a team promotes camaraderie and communication skills that are essential to your mental and social well-being. 

Exercise combined with social interaction also gives you a huge boost of endorphins and serotonin and oxytocin and dopamine--all of which are bonding and feel-good chemicals that improve your mood, help you sleep, and reduce anxiety.

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